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雨の日のファッション  Jungkook & Jimin 

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its pissing me off seeing such support for luhan after canceling all his scheduled after injury but when Sulli wanted some rest she got nothing but hate
Also dahee got arrested and sentenced to jail for five years for blackmail but kim Hyung joong who has beaten his girlfriend up to be admitted to a hospital for six weeks got no blame. yes

i feel as if i rarely talk so much that you guys don’t even know who i am… (i’m sorry for not really posting text posts much, i’m really picky with the color scheme and arrangement of my blog LMAO)

so, hello followers, or friends, as i would rather prefer to call you! Lemme introduce myself if you don’t know already.

I’m Jillian, but you can call me Jill, Lian, or any other nickname as long as its not mean lol but anyway…

other than my love for kpop, i love kingdom hearts and studio ghibli films. Other artists i am absolutely in love with include sam smith, justin timberlake, miguel, the weeknd, frank ocean, etc. and also a boyband that goes by the name of IM5 who ruined my life. You can check out my AWESOME music taste on this link LMAO

I’ve also recently made a twitter here (where i sound stupid as hell and annoying but if you tell me you’re from tumblr i’ll follow you back lol)

so, let me get to know you awesome people! send me a message or two! reply to this! anything! just talk to me you guys lol don’t worry i don’t bite but yeah i wanna be friends with all of you c:

get to know me meme: favourite female groups
♡ 2ne1 [4/5]


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